$899 Surgical placement of
a Single Implant body.
(regular price $1750) Implant Abutment and
Crown Additional. 

$500 To Start your Braces Special (orthodontic care) for children and adults

(limited time offer)

We take pride in being different than other Dental offices, at Unlimited Smiles we use an overall health approach in the field of Dentistry to manage a Patient’s Link to Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Pre-Term Birth and Arthritis, followed by all Ethical and Medical guidelines. One more major thing that sets us apart is that our doctors are NOT on commission, other dental offices and dental groups place their doctors on commission to help their business grow, which we believe is a bad practice and promotes over treatment since the doctors are directly incented to treat more.

All our ethical Doctors at Unlimited Smiles diagnose and provide care that is necessary and recommend the best materials available today to reduce the chance of infection and eliminate metal that are toxic in the patient’s body. Our doctors main goal is to make it possible for Patients to have their Teeth for Life™. No doctor should be compensated because they cure disease, getting commission on the bases of curing disease is flat out wrong and unethical, business profits can be accomplished with proper patient care. Come visit our doctors and know that you are not being diagnosed for the wrong reasons. We provide an environment for our doctor to be doctors not business personal. We love our patients and take care of them the way we would want to be treated.

Dr. Moheb is in process of research and development to introduce the Teeth For Life™ Model to prevent tooth loss and be able to provide patients with Teeth For Life™.

Unlimited Smiles under Dr. Moheb direction is serving the community with providing Dental Care to non-profit organizations such as Teen Challenge USA to help individuals in the community that need a new smile to change their life.

Unlimited Smiles has served more than 95,000 patients in Bay Area and Arizona combined. Alireza Moheb states "We have accomplished to be completely different than other Dental Care Centers at Unlimited Smiles we take the overall health approach in the field of Dentistry and followed it with ethics of Medical guidelines. We do not provide any doctors with percentage of treatment as their income unlike other Dental Groups and Dental Offices to prevent over treatment and promote ethical care without direct compensation from curing disease.

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